Inspiring story of C-ronaldo

The story is about a friend of Ronaldo, Albert Fantrau, who sacrificed his career and cleared the way for Ronaldo.

When he received one of his awards recently, Ronaldo dedicated it to a certain … Alberto Fantrau. Then said: “Yes I am a great footballer and all my success is thanks to my friend Alberto”
People looked at each other and said, “Who is this Mr. Fantrau?”

Then Ronaldo went on: “We played together in a youth team. When Sporting of Lisbon recruiters came to observe us, they told us that the striker who scored the most goals will be recruited into the sports academy.

That day we won 3-0. I scored the first goal and then Albert scored the 2nd with the head. And then the 3rd goal was the one that impressed everyone. Alberto started from the wing, then found himself face to face with the keeper, dribbled the goalkeeper and all he had to do was push the ball into the empty goal. In the meantime I was running to his side. And instead of shooting into the empty goal, Alberto decided to pass the ball to me and I scored. This is how I find myself at the Sporting Lisbon Academy. After the game I went to him, and asked him “why did you do that?” And he replied, “Because I know that you are better than I”

Every one were curious to know more, the journalists began to investigate and were able to meet this Alberto Fantrau to ask him if the story told by Ronaldo is true, and he confirmed it, adding that his career as a footballer ended after this match as it was the only opportunity to become professional and since that time he has remained unemployed.

However, journalists, observing his luxurious house and his Mercedes parked in the garage asked Alberto “but being unemployed how could you have such a house and car and living so luxuriously? You seem rather comfortable physically ” Alberto’s answer: “All that? .. is Ronaldo.

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    nice one. very amazing and truly inspiring

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